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A Home for Buddy

Buddy and Ella are kittens living with a foster family. They are waiting to be adopted by a forever family, but Buddy wishes they could stay where they are. In an effort to convince his foster family to adopt them, Buddy tries hard to get their attention and show them what a great cat he can be. However, he just ends up making messes and annoying the other cats. Will Buddy ever find his forever home?

Get to Know the Authors

Amy was an elementary school teacher for about ten years and then she homeschooled Red for nine years until Red start high school. Amy has always loved cats and in 2017 she started her journey in fostering kittens. She has now fostered almost 200 kittens.

Amy has been married to her husband, Andrew, for 23 years and they live in Florida. They enjoy traveling, drinking/learning about wine, and being 'Cat Mom' and 'Cat Dad' to 13 members of the Meow Mob.

Britt Peacock is an Employment Consultant in Northern Virginia - she supports individuals in marginalized communities in finding and sustaining employment.  Britt is passionate about the community she serves and co-authoring a new children’s book.

Britt is mother of four children and has one step-daughter.  She has been married to her husband for two years and they have adopted two members of The Meow Mob. 

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