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A Home for Buddy

Buddy and Ella are kittens living with a foster family. They are waiting to be adopted by a forever family, but Buddy wishes they could stay where they are. In an effort to convince his foster family to adopt them, Buddy tries hard to get their attention and show them what a great cat he can be. However, he just ends up making messes and annoying the other cats. Will Buddy ever find his forever home?

Just when Buddy the cat thinks life in his forever home can’t get any better, Cat Mom brings home an exciting surprise: a pair of foster kittens! Buddy is thrilled to meet Oslo and Lydia, and he has so many things he wants to teach them. With the help of his sister, Ella, Buddy teaches the kittens how to eat, groom themselves, and even gives them litter box lessons. But as the kittens grow and prepare to find their own forever homes, Buddy must face the bittersweet truth of letting go.

In Buddy Learns to Foster, readers will join Buddy and Ella on a heartwarming journey filled with love, learning, and the joy of helping others. With a realistic yet gentle look at what it’s like to care for foster kittens, this story helps children understand the importance of helping pets in need.

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