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The Laird family’s fostering journey began in March 2017 with a visit to the local animal shelter. They were attending a kitten shower to donate supplies for kitten season, but while there, they learned the importance of fostering. 

Fostering plays a crucial role in helping shelters save cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies. Shelters do not have enough space for every animal. Some animals need more time and dedication than the shelter can provide, such as kittens (and puppies) under 8 weeks old, and older cats (and dogs) who need medication.

Foster families just need a small space, like a spare bathroom or large kennel, for an animal to stay in. The shelter supplies the food, litter, and medications needed, along with any required vet visits. Once the animals are healthy, at least eight weeks old, and weigh over two pounds, they will be spayed or neutered. After they recover, they are able to be adopted by their forever family.

The Lairds have cared for over 180 cats and kittens over the years. A few of those kittens came and never left. They are now part of The Meow Mob. Luckily, the original Meow Mob members never minded having so many different kittens in their house.

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